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LIFE-CHANGING, that’s how people describe the experience of using Hycare bidets for the first time. Once you discover the soothing comfort and sense of well-being that comes from cleansing yourself with a hygienic stream of water, you cannot imagine going back to just using toilet paper.

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Why is the bidet a better alternative?

What if we told you that there’s a hands-free cleaning option that eliminates all this harmful germ transfer?

Well, the modern bidet is just that! Today’s bidet comes with a water filter, nano antibacterial surfaces over the toilet seat, and an antibiosis nozzle. This not only ensures you’re completely clean, it removes all bacteria from the toilet surfaces as well. Cleaning your area, while cleaning the space.

Remember that toilets might flush with clean water, but if left unused for a day or two, bacteria can still find a way into the bowl and reproduce.

This just isn’t the case with a bidet.

This particular bidet has a 4-level dryer, ranging from 40 to 52 degrees Celsius to ensure you’re completely dry and germ-free.

You don’t come home after a long day and simply wipe the dirt away with paper, you use water to thoroughly clean away the dirt and germs. So why not do the same for your most delicate of areas?


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