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7 Reasons to Buy a Bidet

The bathroom product you never knew you needed

🎉 G’day, Clean-Butt Brigade! 🎉

Ever wondered why Japan, the epitome of cleanliness, considers bidets a necessity, not a luxury? Over 80% of Japanese homes have bidets, and they’re laughing at our toilet paper crisis! It’s time Australia joins the bidet revolution.

Why Bidets?

  1. Hygiene Hero: Imagine a spa day for your bum—every day. You wouldn’t wipe mud off your feet with paper; why do that to your rear?
  2. Eco-Warrior: Save trees and your septic system. Each bidet squirt is a high-five to Mother Earth.
  3. Medical Marvel: Got sensitive skin or hemorrhoids? The bidet is your gentle, relieving nurse.
  4. Break Taboos: Australia, land of the brave, it’s time to embrace the bidet like we did flat whites and meat pies.

We’re not selling a fancy toilet; we’re selling a mindset shift. A life where your butt feels spa-fresh and you’re an eco-hero. So, are you in or are you in? Because once you go bidet, you’ll never go back!

Disclaimer: Joining the Clean-Butt Brigade may lead to an urge to evangelize about your newfound bathroom bliss. Proceed with enthusiasm.

Join the bidet revolution today and change the way you think about bathroom hygiene! 🌈


Why is the bidet a better alternative?

What if we told you that there’s a hands-free cleaning option that eliminates all this harmful germ transfer?

Well, the modern bidet is just that! Today’s bidet comes with a water filter, nano antibacterial surfaces over the toilet seat, and an antibiosis nozzle. This not only ensures you’re completely clean, it removes all bacteria from the toilet surfaces as well. Cleaning your area, while cleaning the space.

Remember that toilets might flush with clean water, but if left unused for a day or two, bacteria can still find a way into the bowl and reproduce.

This just isn’t the case with a bidet.

You can even consider taking it up a notch with an electric bidet. This produces instant warm water for a better clean – and it’s more pleasant on those cold, winter nights!

This particular bidet has a 4-level dryer, ranging from 40 to 52 degrees Celsius to ensure you’re completely dry and germ-free.

You don’t come home after a long day and simply wipe the dirt away with paper, you use water to thoroughly clean away the dirt and germs. So why not do the same for your most delicate of areas?

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What’s the problem with using toilet paper?

Hygiene has been a priority in modern life, but the pandemic has shown us just how quickly things can go wrong when it’s not taken seriously enough.

We’ve adopted safer and healthier habits in our day-to-day lives. We wash our hands regularly. We sanitise the items we handle. We stay at home if we’re sick.

It’s now time that we take this hygienic thinking into the bathroom.

If you’re currently still using toilet paper exclusively, take a second to think of the potential transfer of germs between wiping, and washing your hands. In this short space of time, you will most likely:

You are unwittingly touching all these items and transferring harmful germs before you even get the chance to clean your hands.

What Our Customers Say

I recently purchased the Borvo bidet attachment, and I have to say it has exceeded my expectations. The installation was very easy, and it fits perfectly on my existing toilet. The design is sleek and modern, and it has transformed my bathroom experience.

John, CEO

What I love about Volva is the high-quality features it offers. The water pressure and temperature control are both adjustable, allowing me to customize my cleansing experience to my preference. The oscillating and pulsating wash options are very relaxing and help me to feel clean and refreshed.

Janet, Manager

Great experience buying from Bidet Warehouse. Very happy with the product I purchased and installation was fairly easy. Thanks!

Mary, Manager