Bidets in Australia, as in many western countries, have been considered taboo. I’ll be the first one to admit I fell into this trap, believing that bidets are only for the elite, the elderly or the invalid.

So, when my wife decided to install a bidet in the house, she was met with some resistance – to say the least! My immediate response was that bidets aren’t for men. What’s wrong with good, old-fashioned toilet paper?

But slowly my curiosity got the better of me and I tried it out.

I wasn’t completely converted from the first squirt, and I hadn’t completely said goodbye to toilet paper just yet, but over time, I came to realise the benefits of this unique piece of equipment.

Firstly, a bidet is much quicker than using toilet paper – and we all need more time in the day! Secondly, I felt much cleaner than I ever had after leaving the bathroom. Thirdly, I actually felt refreshed – something I never felt with toilet paper.

It turns out, a bidet is the best thing I never knew I needed!

I started to question why more people in Australia weren’t using bidets at home, considering the incredible benefits. And the reality is that – as with any taboo – it’s just a case of being uninformed. We’re scared of the unknown, we like the tried and tested, even when it’s not better for us. We’re simply afraid of the things we don’t understand.

So, I’m here today trying to help you make an informed decision on whether a bidet is right for you.

We are your average Australian family. We’ve just discovered the benefits of having a bidet in our home. We are so excited with our discovery so we decided to start a new business through which are hoping to share the benefits of having a bidet with as many Australians as possible!


7 Reasons to Buy a Bidet

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Why Choose a Bidet?

  • A bidet is hands-free which means it’s far more hygienic than using toilet paper. No matter how good your technique is, there’s always a high chance that you’re transferring germs onto your hands when wiping.
  • A bidet is eco-friendly because you’re using less toilet paper. While you are using water for cleaning, the amount required is minimal so you’re doing your part for the environment.
  • A bidet is quicker than wiping with toilet paper, saving you time and preventing those family fights over bathroom time!
  • A bidet is more comfortable than the harsh feeling of toilet paper, especially after an upset tummy where there’s a need for repeat visits to the bathroom!
  • A bidet leaves you feeling completely clean and refreshed without the need for a complete shower after answering nature’s call.

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