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One nozzle, three washing experiences


Front Wash
Quality air and bubble mixture designed for her


Rear Wash
The classic bidet wash for the ultimate fresh behind.


Power Wash
Adjustable high power wash for all occasions

Warm and ready

Enjoy the comfort of a perfectly warm seat ready for your behind.
We even infrared tested it to ensure theres no cold spots!

Automatic Air Dryer

Featuring a Japanese built intelligent air dryer that automaitcally adjusts based on room deperature. A low noise high power motor that drys you in no time.


Hygine Hero
Imagine a spa day for your bum—every day. You wouldn’t wipe mud off your feet with paper; why do that to your rear?
Eco Hero
Save trees and your septic system. Each bidet squirt is a high-five to Mother Earth.
Medical Marvel
Got sensitive skin or hemorrhoids? The bidet is your gentle, relieving nurse.
Break Taboos
Australia, land of the brave, it’s time to embrace the bidet like we did flat whites and meat pies.

A Soft & Powerfull Clean

Combining water & air introduces power water subbles into the stream for a delicate but efficient clean for the perfect freshness.

Fresher air too?

What if we told you that the bidet deoterizes as well? Well this bidet does the whole package, HyCare's Advanced Active technology adds a a filter to the air that keeps your bathroom feeling natural and fresh.

Hycare Neptune

Rated Voltage: AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 1520/1280W
Power cord length: 1.5M

Hycare Neptune Premium Washing & Drying Bidet


This bidet is easy to install and offers its users additional hygiene benefits with its dual nozzle, plus great comfort, and convenience. It is easy to use and friendly to the environment. Our bidet also offers a stylish design and a multi-function Remote control.

Adjustable Water Pressure
Built In Dryer
Easy Installation
Heated Seat
Multi Wash Features
Power Saving Mode
Soft Close
In the box
  • Bidet Seat
  • Plumbing Kit
  • Remote Control
  • User Guide

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